Walking in Langport

Every Friday, you’ll find me out walking around Langport. I love Somerset; we are lucky to call this beautiful (if wet) county home. I have a walking buddy, and we make it our aim to try a new route and, of course, test out ALL the local coffee shops and pubs!

I find going for a walk, whether it’s just a quick 20 minutes or a full-on 2-hour hike, the best way to clear my head. Over the winter, I wrap up warm, pull on my thick socks and walking boots and embrace the mud. (not literally, I prefer to stay upright!). The frost and ice over winter have made my walks slightly slippery but seriously beautiful. I enjoy watching the changing of the season, just the last two weeks of seeing the snowdrops, crocus and now daffodils coming through is just lovely. I’m looking forward to moving towards summer and coat or even jumperless walks.


Walking is such a good form of exercise; it’s free and achievable for pretty much everyone. It’s so easy to start slow and build up your pace, distance and incline. A walk on your own, listening to the birds or a podcast can help you relax, or if, like me, you go with a friend, you’ll end up nattering the time away and having to stop as your laughing so much.


As much as I could talk to you for ages about the joys of walking, I also like to use my blogs to share some helpful tips, so here’s my advice for when you’re out walking.

-Wear the right shoes for the ground you’ll be walking on. You can’t go wrong with a stout pair of walking shoes. Consider the amount of cushioning and support; you want some cushioning in the soles to protect your heels on each step and support around the ankle to decrease the risk of turning your ankle. If you find your foot is moving around it your shoe and causing blisters, try a different lacing technique.

-Socks, the choice of material is important. Your feet will sweat, socks made of natural fibres are best for wicking away the moisture from your feet. Look for bamboo and merino wool.

-Take a drink with you. Even if it’s cold, stop to hydrate yourself.

-Warm-up and cool down. This may sound ridiculous, but a few minutes of stretching will help your muscles to work at their best during the walk and relax at the end.

-If you’re looking to improve your fitness or lose weight, then try and increase your heart rate during your walk. Walking at a pace where you can still speak easily but are slightly puffing will be doing you good.


I’d love to know if you walk for fitness, your favourite walking route and obviously where you find the best cake.


Give me a wave if you’re also out and about on a Friday. My walking buddy often laughs after we meet someone as it’s often patient, and we always have a quick “oh, I need to book an appointment with you soon” chat.