Your Foot Problems - How I can help

“I'm suffering from pain in my heels, toes ... in fact, my feet generally hurt”

Foot Pain

Foot pain can stop you in your tracks. Whether you like walking as a hobby or just for exercise, or your job means you are standing for long hours, foot pain can make life miserable.

Together we will talk about where, why, and when you have foot pain. Then we'll create a care plan to try and reduce that pain for you. This could mean new shoes, a purpose-made insole, or simple exercises.

There are 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments in your feet so there is plenty to go wrong. This is why I've invested in Galilieo, my laser therapy machine, find out more about him here.

"I tried cutting my own nails and now I've got an ingrowing nail and a painful toe"

Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing toenails and their secondary problems are very common. I see a lot of them.

There are a few different ways I can help you if you are struggling with ingrowing toenails. From a simple one-off treatment through to using nail surgery to remove the section of the nail that is causing you the problem, we can discuss and choose the treatment that will be best for you.

I can carry out any of these ingrowing toenail procedures for you quickly and easily in the comfort of my Langport clinic. I've shared the What and why of ingrowing toenail surgery here.

"I've got hard skin and I think I have a corn"

Hard Skin & Corns

Are hard skin and corns making your feet uncomfortable in any shoes, or are you living in just one pair?

I can help relieve your discomfort from both hard skin and corns relatively easily. We can discuss the best ways of removing or reducing them to give you almost instant relief. We can also work together producing a care plan where you and I combine efforts for great long term comfort.

You can read my Ouch! My Corns 'urt for more information.

"I've got thick ugly nails"
"I've been told I've got a fungal nail"

Thick & Fungal Nails

I know thick and fungal nails can be both very painful and embarrassing for you, so I'm always keen to find the best solution for you.

I treat thick and fungal nails regularly and there are many different ways I can help treat them for you. I can reduce the thickness and cut the nails for you or we can discuss the best method for diagnosing and treating a fungal infection.

“I think I have a verruca”
“I've got sore itchy skin on my feet”

Itchy Feet & Verrucas

These are both very common problems, but because itchy feet and verrucas can be embarrassing for people they don't often get talked about.

Don't worry I've seen 100's of cases, nothing you've got will shock me.

I can treat and offer advice on both and together we can decide the best care plan for you and your feet.

“I have diabetes and have been told I should get my feet checked by a podiatrist”

Diabetes & Feet

If you have had diabetes for a while or have had a recent diagnosis, you will have been given information about looking after your feet. I know this can feel daunting.

I can provide you with a full foot assessment and regular ongoing care. I can also supply a report that you can share with your GP or Practice Nurse.

With diabetes, it's so important that your nails are trimmed correctly and that any hard skin or corns are treated safely. You don't have to struggle to do it yourself. I can help.

“I've found a mark on my foot - it's itchy and changing shape”

Other Skin Problems

My special interest is dermatology - the study of skin. I've even written a blog about my love of skin.

If you have anything on your skin at all that is causing you concern, please don't hang about get someone to look at it.
I have a dermatoscope which is a special magnifying light that lets me look at any unusual skin problems in detail so I will happily look at anything you are concerned about.

If I feel you should be referred to a GP or a dermatologist, I can do this for you.