Christmas foot care


Your poor toes, winter is harsh for them.  The cold temperatures make it really difficult for your body to get the warm blood to your feet and hands. When numb feet are combined with icy paths the risk of falling is increased, and that is what I want you to avoid happening.

I don’t want you to worry about going outside. Going for a stroll to get some fresh air or popping to the shops is vital for your body. I’ve put this list of helpful hints to make those trips a little bit safer; weirdly it starts with a sitting down at home.

- Moisturise your feet. If you have a skin condition and are worried about suitable moisturisers, talk to me at your next appointment. I will gladly advise you on what is best for your feet. Even a quick 2 minutes of rubbing basic cream into your feet will promote circulation and give you a chance to check for any foot problems.

-If you are sitting for long hours a day, do some simple foot exercises like scrunching your toes, pointing your toes up and down, and drawing circles in the air with your feet. These easy exercises will keep your joints mobile.

- Wear breathable socks, if your feet do become damp during the day, change them for a dry pair. If you just wait for the socks to dry whilst wearing them it encourages bacterial and fungal infections.  Materials of sock you want to buy are cotton or bamboo, please stay away from anything with polyester in as these will encourage your feet to sweat.

-Choose shoes or boots suitable for the weather when you are going out. Your feet need to stay dry and be protected. Don’t choose a style that cuts off your circulation, you want supportive shoes that do not move about when on your feet but also do not over tighten them.

-Slippers. I love a good quality slipper but I know some of you will have old, well-loved slippers that are hard to part with.  These loose, lacking in grip slippers can cause more problems than they are worth. Please treat yourself to new ones; you probably spend 12 hours a day wearing them and your feet deserve a good pair.

If you are given foot care gift sets or cosy new socks and slippers for Christmas, don’t put them away in the back of a cupboard. Use them and treat your feet well this winter.  Winter sadly causes lots of foot and leg problems with chilblains and twisted ankles please don’t put up with pain and discomfort. Pop by the clinic for an appointment, call to book on 01458 253738