From your shoulders to your toes

Laser treatment for all joint and muscle pain

People of Somerset did you know you have an unusual podiatrist in Langport? Me!  Because of my years of nursing combined with years of a being podiatrist. What does that mean for you- the conditions I can treat are a lot more varied that just a standard podiatrist.

A podiatrist can treat the lower limb, so from the hip down, as a nurse and podiatrists I can treat the majority of the body. So that’s back, shoulders, arms and hands too.

So if you have joint or muscular pain in those areas, come and see me.

My life-long passion has been learning able to human body, I love knowing how it’s all put together, how it works, why it breaks and then how to fix it. Anatomy and physiology of amaze me, I have been on a huge list of extra courses to extend my knowledge and skills; as this means I can help more people.

Since investing in Galileo my Laser treatment friend, I’ve been able to use all the education to the next level. Laser treatment is so versatile and effective; it helps speed up recovery times for so many injuries, no matter where they occur in the body.

If you are out of action due to one of these conditions, call me to discuss and make an appointment.

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I use a variety of assessment methods to accurately diagnose your condition, then if applicable I use the laser combined with manipulation and exercises to treat, strengthen and prevent any further injuries.


Our poor bodies get worn out, injuries are just part of living. It how you deal with those injuries that counts. It’s those, bent over unloading the dishwasher and your back goes or you slept weirdly on your shoulder and woken up with terrible pains. These things are near impossible to prevent. Yes, all healthcare professionals will advise you to eat health, drink plenty and stay active but accidents will still happen. Whilst your in the clinic with me we will chat through any ways in which you can improve your health to prevent any further injuries.


Galileo is here for the people of Somerset who have chronic pain conditions and for those who just need their injury recovery time to be sped up. Galileo has so many benefits, until you try it, you’ll have to take my word for it.

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Book mark this page so that if you do unfortunately have an injury, you can get in contact with me and try Galileo out for yourself.