Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Safety

I don’t want to be a spoilsport and ruin your fun as life is about having fun and making memories, especially when near a swimming pool or hot tub. Watching the family bomb into a pool at a villa, lazily swimming lengths or enjoying glasses of fizz whilst relaxing in the tub are great…… but; there’s a but! Life always has a but. I wanted to make you aware of these points because it’s simpler, quicker and cheaper to prevent most conditions rather than treat them.

I’m always here to treat your feet, but I want you to be able to enjoy your holidays without worrying about your feet.

1-   Sun cream

Use it! Especially on the tops of your feet, people often forget their feet and allow the tops of their feet to burn. It is impossible to wear shoes or flip-flops with badly burnt feet.


2-   Slips and falls

Patios and the sides of pools will be slippery. There is always paraphernalia like toys, shoes, goggles and drinks left about to trip over. It sounds boring, but I want to make sure you are aware when walking about.


3-   Stay hydrated

Drink water, swimming dehydrates you, and people forget to drink as they are surrounded by liquid. Combine the sun, the pool, ? a hangover and forgetting to drink will make you feel awful.


4-   Foot cramps

Frustratingly foot cramps are common for swimmers; they are due to tired muscles and being dehydrated. If you are planning a proper swim, stretch your feet and drink some water before starting.


5-   Athlete’s foot

This is a frustrating fungal infection that once you have it, it will regularly flare up. It causes sore, red, flaky skin between your toes. There are loads of creams and powders at the pharmacy to try; if you are struggling with Athlete’s foot, then get in contact.


6-   Verrucas

It is a notoriously difficult condition to get rid of because it hides from your immune system. The verruca is part of the Human Papilloma Virus family; they are contagious and painful. People can live with them for years before their body detects it, but if it is located on a weight-bearing area of your foot, it can be agony. If your verruca isn’t responding to over-the-counter products, get in contact.



Swimming pools, hot tubs, and changing rooms are ideal environments for breeding viruses and bacteria. Just a small cut or scratch on your skin will allow an infection to enter your body, and once they are in, it is hard to get rid of them. If you have Athlete’s foot, a verruca or a bacterial infection, then you should wear a swim sock to protect others. You can also wear swim socks to prevent yourself from risk. I recommend wearing flip flops around changing rooms and to the side of the pool; this will reduce the chances of being infected.


If you have a holiday coming up, get your feet in the best condition possible. A good routine of checking your feet, trimming your toenails, exfoliating and moisturising your feet will ensure they stay healthy.


As always, any problems, give me a shout.