All About The Chaps

Right then, men, what is stopping you from caring for your feet? -Can’t find the time -Embarrassed -Is it that important? Well, if you don’t find the time to care for yourself, the problems will get worse until they start impacting your daily life and then you will regret not getting it sorted out earlier.…

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Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Safety

Foot safety at swimming pools and hot tubs

I don’t want to be a spoilsport and ruin your fun as life is about having fun and making memories, especially when near a swimming pool or hot tub. Watching the family bomb into a pool at a villa, lazily swimming lengths or enjoying glasses of fizz whilst relaxing in the tub are great…… but;…

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Skin Is Special

Skin is vital to your body, most of us care for the skin on our faces and hands- probably as these are the area’s most seen by other people.  The study of skin is called Dermatology, as the middle of the three layers of your skin is the dermis. That’s the science bit over. From…

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