Skin Is Special

Skin is vital to your body, most of us care for the skin on our faces and hands- probably as these are the area’s most seen by other people.  The study of skin is called Dermatology, as the middle of the three layers of your skin is the dermis. That’s the science bit over.

From cancer to everyday conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, fungal infections, athletes foot, gout, verruca, corns and so many more; I could write a blog about each one. They are very difficult to distinguish between and they each require a specific treatment- which is why you need an expert!  I will explain a couple of these skin conditions here, you will need to call or book in for me to diagnose your symptoms.

Here are a few facts

  • Skin is your largest organ! That is incredible, isn’t it?
  • On average your skin covers 22 square feet and weighs 8lbs!
  • Your skin protects your body with its insulating and waterproofing properties (keeping water out and all our fluids in!).

Your skin needs a balanced environment and if something goes from, too much fungus or bacteria growth then problems do start. I say it all the time- dry your feet properly AND moisturise. You can fend off a lot of issues if you do these things. That dry, cracked feeling that you get on your hands is happening on your feet it’s just we do not register it.

I find skin fascinating, which is why I’ve travelled the world going to conferences to learn more. I have all the gadgets, fungal tests, dermatoscope and most important – my senses, touch, smell and sight, enabling me to assess and treat feet accurately.  If I find anything of concern I always refer and recommend you visit your GP to get checked out.  I have spotted a melanoma or two over my time; it’s an amazing feeling to know I’ve caught a cancer early for someone to get treatment for. Just call me Inspector Gadget with my magnifying glass!

With every step you take your feet take the pressure so it’s no wonder things to go wrong sometimes, like cracked skin. If you leave cracked skin on your heels, it will often get thicker and deeper. These cracks in your skin will allow germs into your body so don’t leave them, I have seen all levels of cracked heels before. Nothing phases me. You may just need one appointment, sometimes we need a few to really get cracked heels under control. You just lay back let me work or keep me up-to-date with what’s going on outside my clinic!

Athletes foot-  there are so many treatments offered in a pharmacy because it is really difficult to manage and you try out everything possible as it is itchy and uncomfortable to live with. I these winter months, our feet are enclosed more in wellingtons, boots and shoes – an ideal breeding ground for sore itchy skin to manifest.

Feet feel so far away sometimes and it’s almost impossible to actually see the skin underneath or between your toes. This is why I always do a thorough check of my patient’s skin for them.

Love the skin you’re in! Make that appointment and let’s see how I can help.