What Is Pain?

The what, why, when and ways of pain. What When there is damage to your body, signals are sent to the brain to tell you to react and protect yourself. Everyone feels pain differently, which is why it isn’t easy to define. There is a scale of pain from sore, ache, tender, sting, and sharp…

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Galileo will laser your pain away!

Laser treatment to cure heel pain in Somerset

Galileo is my sidekick, helping to cure your pain. I have been treating the people of Somerset’s pain with my M5 laser for the last 6 months. The results and feedback from my patients have all been excellent.   I invested in this treatment machine because it is safe and painless. Some patients even say…

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Pods Heal Heels

Heel pain treatment in Langport

The what, why, when and ways of heel pain What Heel pain can be anything from sharp, shooting pains to a continuous, dull ache. It might be worse in the mornings, at the end of the day or after exercise. You might feel it under your heel, around the back or even across the top…

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