Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Safety

Foot safety at swimming pools and hot tubs

I don’t want to be a spoilsport and ruin your fun as life is about having fun and making memories, especially when near a swimming pool or hot tub. Watching the family bomb into a pool at a villa, lazily swimming lengths or enjoying glasses of fizz whilst relaxing in the tub are great…… but;…

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Galileo will laser your pain away!

Laser treatment to cure heel pain in Somerset

Galileo is my sidekick, helping to cure your pain. I have been treating the people of Somerset’s pain with my M5 laser for the last 6 months. The results and feedback from my patients have all been excellent.   I invested in this treatment machine because it is safe and painless. Some patients even say…

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Pods Heal Heels

Heel pain treatment in Langport

The what, why, when and ways of heel pain What Heel pain can be anything from sharp, shooting pains to a continuous, dull ache. It might be worse in the mornings, at the end of the day or after exercise. You might feel it under your heel, around the back or even across the top…

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A Stable Grounding

You will get more from your exercise session and more enjoyment from a walk if you have faith in your feet. Fear of falling is a real worry for some people; it’s not just the pain caused by the fall but the worry about the recovery time afterwards and losing their independence. Picking up an…

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Ingrowing toenail surgery

The what, why, when and ways of ingrowing toenails  What  An ingrowing toenail is when the nail grows round and down into the flesh of your toe. A spike of the toenail will form at the edges, sometimes if only a few extra millimetres of the nail, but it causes many problems.   Why Ingrowing…

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Spring is in the air!

Do you get the urge to spring clean? For the garden as well as the house? We will be allowed to entertain friends and family again soon in our gardens, so having a lovely garden is going to become especially important this year.   All the spring flowers are popping up, there’s colour everywhere. It’s…

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Ouch! My corns ’urt!

The what, why, when and ways of corns What Firstly, a corn is not dangerous, it is a small, circular patch of hard skin. It can be painful if you press the center of the corn. If you have had it a long time, it might be discoloured, this is when people get them confused…

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Christmas foot care

Your poor toes, winter is harsh for them.  The cold temperatures make it really difficult for your body to get the warm blood to your feet and hands. When numb feet are combined with icy paths the risk of falling is increased, and that is what I want you to avoid happening. I don’t want…

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Foot Circulation Problems

Human circulation diagram of the feet and legs

We are being led to believe that Spring is on its way! But we are still wearing boots – albeit wellingtons! Make sure your feet stay warm and dry. Are you suddenly feeling painful spots in your feet or in your legs? What could that be? Do you suffer with occasional pain in your legs,…

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Orthotic Insoles

A pair of orthotic insoles

An orthotic insole may have been selected for your pathology. Causes can be a change in the size, magnitude or timing of the forces acting on your foot. A care pathway will have been discussed and your foot examined to ensure you have the correct professional opinion. If you have questions about your orthotic insoles…

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