Foot Circulation Problems

Human circulation diagram of the feet and legs

We are being led to believe that Spring is on its way! But we are still wearing boots – albeit wellingtons! Make sure your feet stay warm and dry. Are you suddenly feeling painful spots in your feet or in your legs? What could that be? Do you suffer with occasional pain in your legs,…

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Orthotic Insoles

A pair of orthotic insoles

An orthotic insole may have been selected for your pathology. Causes can be a change in the size, magnitude or timing of the forces acting on your foot. A care pathway will have been discussed and your foot examined to ensure you have the correct professional opinion. If you have questions about your orthotic insoles…

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Having Falls? Check Your Footwear

A pair of soft indoor shoes or slippers

Something I read about a lot is elderly folk having falls. The subject often covers where, when and how BUT did you know that frequently, the fall can be due to sloppy footwear!  Always make sure that footwear is secure by a lace-up or Velcro strap. Wearing old slippers? A soft indoor shoe can be…

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